Ai for Blender, Photoshop, and Quixel Brushes?


If you haven't been paying attention AI has been moving at rapid pace. For every fallback in ability there have been great strides in tools and use cases. 

This week I ventured into the the process of using AI to create a variety of brushes for software in my wheelhouse.


First up was figuring out How to Create Custom Brushes in Blender Using AI Images. You can check out the step-by-step process over at our friends at

There's also an epic youtube walkthrough for those that need a little extra follow-through. 

I'll admit I became a little addicted with the workflow and decided I need these in both Photoshop and Quixel brushes, so I went ahead and did that too. 

On the brightside the workflows only varied slightly in process, and in the end pumping out three use cases for the same AI image felt very empowering. 


The trick with photoshop was making sure your images were black on white. Nothing too difficult for a good ol' invert can't handle. 


Quixel mixer was very similar to the Blender workflow. These Were built for Albedo painting. 

BEHOLD! The joy of making your own tools that are unique and for you only! 

If you're lazy and desire these fancy brushes to use in your own project, I have great news for you. When you sign up for the Oh Hey Void Study Guides you get 'em for completely free!

Say what? 

Yeah, free! Get on it!

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